Tenant Management​ System

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Tenants Management System (TMS) is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for companies engaged in tenant-related business activities. TMS streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures meticulous financial reporting.

A Solution for
Your Company and Tenants need

The Tenant Management System is the solution to your company's needs, both operationally in managing tenants and financially, from transaction to transaction, to financial reporting. This system is not only beneficial for your company, but also for all the tenants you manage.

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TMS is Increasing Efficency for IT Cost and Financial Process

Efficiency on IT Cost

You can save many cost !

You Don't Even Need to Preparing Server

The server will be prepared by TMS

You Don't Even Need to Preparing Database System

The database for system prepared by TMS

You Don't Even Need to Preparing Any Apps

All apps already exist on TMS

Efficiency on Financial Process

You can save your time !

Automatically Create Invoice for All Tenants Month by Month

On TMS, you just need around 5 minutes to create hundreds invoices for tenants.

All Tenants Payment Automatically Reconciled

TMS will help your finance team to reconcile all payments related to all invoices issued

All Transactions Recorded to GL and Financial Statements Automatically

Your finance and accounting team don't need to record transactions manually one by one, journal per journal.

Front View of Tenant Management System 

This is the front view of the Tenant Management System. From here, many benefits of the features and applications can be obtained by you, your company, and all tenants.

Looks of Meter System (Electricity and Water)

By utilizing the meter system within the Tenant Management System, your technicians are able to input the electricity and water consumption of each individual tenant on a monthly basis. This process is highly convenient, as it can be easily performed through a mobile phone and can be connected to the phone's camera to ensure accurate meter readings are uploaded. Furthermore, all these activities can be directly monitored by the supervisor, prior to the issuance of monthly invoices for each tenant based on their respective electricity and water usage  

Looks of Invoicing Module

This is the display of the Invoice Module. Tenant Management System offers this module as a miracle for your company's Finance team. Why? Because by using the invoice module in this system, your Finance team can create dozens or even hundreds of invoices for all tenants, clients, and customers with just a few clicks, taking only about 5 minutes. Not only that, once the invoices are paid, this system will also assist your team in directly reconciling the payments with the invoices that have been paid. It truly is miraculous and expected to greatly benefit your company.

Financial Reporting Menu

 Furthermore, the Tenant Management System provides a comprehensive overview of your company's financial performance, allowing you to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement. With its user-friendly interface and advanced reporting capabilities, managing your tenants and their transactions has never been easier.